Please plan to attend Michael Beasley's installation on April 16th! To welcome the Beasley family, you can sign up to purchase pantry items they need here.


Sovereign Worship

The Musicians and Singers of Sovereign Grace Bible Church have begun a project to bring the hymns and songs we sing as a congregation to our website, that we might worship with our church in the week as well as on the Lord’s Day.

First attempt is Psalm 8 (Lyrics: David; Score: Davis; Production: Jake)

Our Church Musicians and Singers
Piano/Vocals: Davis
Bass: Jake
Guitar/Vocals: Joey
Percussion: Josh
Organ: Karen
Piano: Ylona
Sax: Davide
Vocals: Tarah, Ashley, Elliot, Debbie, Michael, Ed
Featured Choir: Ed/Congregation
Sound: Joey/Cassie
Production: Jake

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