With Covid Spiking in the Area -- Recommend all older and compromised members to worship from home with the online service

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July 19th Pulpit Announcement

The elders met and the majority of our meeting was spent in discussing our concern about the latest orders to discontinue the church’s coming together for worship.  This week, we complied with the order and moved to online services due to the time constraints for planning. 

Let me be clear – we do not believe that the gathering together of the church body is an optional exercise. 

We are told in the scriptures:

“We are not to neglect to meet together, as is the habit of some… (Why?)  We are to encourage one another, ALL THE MORE as you see the Day drawing near…”  Beloved, if you don’t see the Day drawing near, you aren’t looking…

We meet together in order to “Encourage one another”,  “Spur each other on in love and good works,”

“We are One Body, with many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are ONE, as it is with Christ.”

The early church, in the midst of persecution, we read in the Acts “Met together the first day of the week, and broke bread together.”  The early church “DEVOTED themselves to the apostle’s teaching AND to the fellowship, AND to the breaking of bread, AND to the prayers.”

We are convinced that our nation is in the midst of God’s judgment – a cursory review of Romans should persuade you of that.  I don’t know what more needs to occur for us to be convinced – Earthquake, Blood in the Water, …  At the same time, it seems apparent that there is a spiritual battle raging with more visibility than we are used to…

This is a time when we need to come together to the Lord with fasting, prayer, fellowship, encouragement, teaching, building one another up, holding one another up, and sharing strength.  We don’t believe it is coincidental that in this period, so many churches are being directed to not meet together.

The order that just came out from our governor indicated that the restriction would be of short duration with the intent of slowing the pandemic spread in our area.  We will comply with this order for 3 Sundays.  (Today being the first).  For the next 2 Sundays, The elders are calling on you who are watching from home, to make plans to either host or gather in another member’s home for the next 2 Sunday online services. 

Watch the service together in the home, share a brunch together before or after the service, pray together and fellowship with one another. (If you are watching the broadcast alone next week, you are not doing what we are calling on you to do.)  We need one another and too many of our folks are feeling isolated, alone, and helpless – as Christians, we are not a people that are without Help!

The elders will meet and consider what our next step will be, beginning Sunday August 9th.  But rest assured, we will find the way for our church to meet together on that Sunday and from then, moving forward. 

We will provide more information about the next day of fasting and prayer that will occur in August.  This is a time for the church to reprioritize our lives, to be alert, to be in prayer, to draw near to the Lord, and to encourage one another to boldness – it is times like these, when God is making Himself known, that the light of the church shines brightest!  This is the time when we humble ourselves before the Lord and intercede on behalf of our nation, our community – and share His gospel with clarity and resolve!  It is time for the church, the people of God to stand – to be the salt and light that is needed in this time, to live for Christ – for He is coming again soon!  (maybe Tuesday).