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Our Missionaries

Sam and Jill

Church planting, evangelism, organization and planning in Spain. They are also counseling and mentoring several regional missionaries and ministry workers.

Madrid, Spain


Bible Translation and Literacy Facilitator in Ethiopia.

Translated the scriptures into Goragi, Aari, and Banna languages. She is currently finishing up another translation into the Kafa language.

Seabring, Florida

Jon and Jerilyn

Church planting, evangelism, and discipling amongst Hispanic immigrant families in the Wilamette Valley and in Mexico.

Lebanon, Oregon

Warren and Mary

Warren is the founder of the National School Project.

Training and equipping high school students to organize and lead evangelistic ministries within their local schools in several states across the USA.

Flower Mound, Texas

Nam Sik “Youri” Kim

Church planting, evangelism, and support to young churches on the Baja Peninsula, Mexico. Supporting and encouraging orphaned children with the gospel, supplies, tangible care, and much love.

Gardena, California

Dan and Esther and
the boys

Church Planting, evangelism, and medical ministries in hard to reach areas overseas (Picture purposely obscured for safety reasons).

Southeast Asia