Updated Prayer Needs

Please pray for Davis and Tarah and the baby. They have decided (through a lot of prayer) to move forward with scheduling the C-Section. It is now scheduled for October 6th. Keep them in prayer!

Will be live streaming at SGBC on Saturday beginning at 9AM

Pray for the President and Senate as they consider who and when to nominate the replacement for Justice Ginsburg. Pray that the replacement would be God fearing, wise, courageous, and just.

Please pray for our church, and the call for unity amongst our people in the midst of so many issues that divide our country today. We are united in Christ Jesus, and one in His Spirit, and governed together by Scripture alone. Pray for our people that we would be looking for ways to foster unity, build one another up, encourage and embolden our people to share Christ in word and deed in this time of God’s moving.

Praise the Lord! The Kafa Bible has made it to the printers We rejoice with Carolyn in this answer to prayer. Now we pray for the Kafa people who will receive a copy of God’s word – now in their heart language. Can’t wait to find some young Kafa men to bring the gospel to their communities!

Please pray for Carmen’s daughter-in-law’s brother — he had a stroke last Friday and is not doing well in the hospital — urgent prayer request.

The Queeroo (muslim youth group) have gone on a rampage going door-to-door killing over 500 Christians in the past few weeks. Ethiopian churches SE of Addis Ababa are being shut down by the Oromian State in the same region.

From a recent article in the Christian Post: “The Qeerroo extremists arrived in cars and, armed with guns, machetes, swords and spears, sought out and slaughtered Christians. Children were forced to witness their parents being brutally murdered with machetes.” An Oromo Christian was beheaded after he refused to tear off the thread around his neck, which is worn by many Ethiopian Christians as a sign of their baptism. The attackers told his wife that only those who prostrate before Allah for prayer are considered part of the Oromo community.

Keep Grace Community Church in our prayers — as they continue their stand for Christian worship being a protected right under the constitution and a mandate from the Lord.

Let us continue to pray for those on the Gulf Coast who were hit by Hurricane Sally (and other smaller storms saturating the southeast). Pray for the Iowa Farmers — recovering from the recent “Derecho” storm that ruined 1/2 of the entire corn crop this year.

Updated September 21st at 10AM